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The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Hi there! My name is Mai and I’m the founder of EAE, an online platform dedicated to bringing you the magic and wonders of Ancient Egypt right to your screen.

I am currently updating and rebranding the entire website so you won’t find all the old content right now. But don’t worry, everything will be up and running soon, and better than ever.

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Ancient Egyptian Magic

Techniques of Ancient Egyptian Magic

The Ennead Creation Myth

Ennead - Egyptian Creation Myth of Heliopolis

The Weighing of the Heart

Weighing of the Heart Ceremony

The Ushabti


Aaru - Egyptian Heaven

Aaru - The Ancient Egyptian Heaven

Love Song - Stanza Two

Ancient Egyptian Love Song - Stanza Two

Opening of the Mouth


Love Song - Stanza One


Anatomy of the Soul


Protection Symbols