The Egyptian Pyramids - Symbols of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Pyramids, the first thing you think about when you hear the word "Egypt" - along with the Egyptian Sphinx and King Tut.

A pyramid is basically a structure with triangular sides, all of which meet at the top. Pyramids have either three, four or five sides.

Since the weight is greatest at the bottom and least at the top, the center of gravity of pyramids is very low - which makes for very stable buildings. That's why many of the ancient pyramids have survived till today.

The most famous of which, of course, are the Pyramids of Giza. These are the pyramids that have set many imaginations ablaze with so many amazing theories and stories; from the very plausible to the completely quirky.

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The Great Pyramid of Giza, built around 2570 BC, is the only ancient wonder of the world still standing.

Other than ours (which number over 110) there were other ancient pyramids built in Mesopotamia, Greece, Mexico, Rome and other places.

Egyptian Pyramids

And these days there are many modern structures built to resemble these old ones, such as the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.

The oldest pyramids were those of Mesopotamia, not Egypt. But they were built with mud-brick and not much of them survived. The oldest Egyptian pyramid is the Step Pyramid of King Djoser. The largest number of pyramids built was that of the Nubian civilization, over 200 of them. They were inspired by the Egyptians and were used as royal tombs also.

The functions of pyramids differed from civilization to civilization. Those in Mexico were used for human sacrifice.

The pyramids of ancient Egypt were used as tombs for royalty. Many of them were built into complexes containing mortuary temples and some even included pits with buried ancient Egyptian boats used for the king's journey in the afterlife.

Function of the Egyptian Pyramids

The ancient Egyptians first constructed pyramids to use as tombs for the kings and queens; their function later changed to be resting places for the souls of the deceased. Pyramid building was also later expanded to include pyramids built for non-royal (yet wealthy) individuals.

The shape of the pyramids (serving as tombs) has a lot to do with religious symbolism.

First of all, they reflect the shape of the primordial mound of creation "benben". According to the Egyptian creation myth, which describes how the world was born, benben was an earthly mound that appeared out of the water and produced the first God.

They derived this shape after originally covering pit graves with mounds of dirt, later refining the technique and style until reaching the final pyramid shape. How the pyramids were built is still a very popular topic today. Click here to learn about the Construction of the Pyramids.

Other than Giza and Sakkara, there are many scattered around the entire country. Three other beautiful and well-known Pyramids of Egypt are described here.

From their construction, to their alignment, to their history - the Egyptian Pyramids remain one of life's greatest ancient mysteries...

Have you heard or do you have your own pyramid theories that you can tell us?

Theories about who really built the pyramids, their connection with other cultures, their alignment with certain stars, or how they were built... The Pyramids of Egypt have always fascinated us with their mysteries. Tell us your theories or stories!

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