Geb and Nut - Earth and Sky

Interestingly enough, Geb and Nut were created out of boredom. Now that's one creation story that doesn't really have any symbolic meaning, and I find that quite endearing.

Atum (or Ra) was bored. And he lamented this mood and mentioned that if the Earth was alive it would make his life more interesting.

And then Geb was created, as a playground and resting place for his grandpa! At first, him and Nut were created together as a pair, but then their father separated them by holding Nut up above her brother.

Earth was then called "the house of Geb". As he was the Earth, he gave life to the beings on its surface, and he was also intimate with the bodies buried beneath.

One of his functions was also as one of the judges of the weighing-of-the-heart ceremony.

Geb and Nut

Geb was usually depicted in the form of a man.

His sister and wife, Nut, was the Sky Goddess whose father held her up high above the Earth and kept her there.

The stars were part of her, and the sun passed through her every day.

Nut was depicted in the form of a beautiful woman, usually naked and bent over her brother the Earth, covering his surface.

Other than being the Earth and Sky whose existence was necessary for life, these two were the parents of the very powerful Gods and Goddesses in Egyptian mythology.

They had four children: Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys.

This entire lineage thus far is part of the great Ennead of Heliopolis,and out of it comes ancient Egypt's main religious and mythological beliefs.

Also, the depiction of the Earth and Sky myth is a popular image on tomb walls, and my favorite tomb painting of all.

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